About IWS Planner Support

Planner Support can Streamline your Financial Planning Practice

Integrated Wealth Solutions (IWS) Planner Support provides administration services and processes to Financial Planners within the BT Financial Group, allowing you to concentrate on what you’re good at: Financial Planning, servicing clients and building your business.

Our expert team has experience providing excellent back-end support to Financial Planners all over NSW.

We only provide services to planners within the BT Financial Group to ensure that our support and assistance directly reflects policies within your chosen dealer group.

We have an outstanding compliance history and proven processes that will enable you to spend time growing your client base and running your business while we take on your administrative burdens. 

Our approach and systems are proven and professional and we aim to deliver the best service possible to support your growing practice.

Grow your Books, Increase Productivity and Improve Compliance Outcomes

Key Benefits
  • More time to grow your business.
  • Excellent compliance outcomes.
  • Smooth business operations.
  • Access to a support network of over 15 staff.
  • Access to corporate materials and marketing cont




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