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We will help you achieve an efficient and compliant financial planning firm by taking on your Administrative burdens.


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Five Reasons your Financial Planning Practice should Outsource its Administration Work.

5. Its Financially Efficient.

When you start looking at hiring your own admin staff, its not just the wage expense you must consider. Will you need a larger office? What equipment will you require? The list of overheads continues to grow. An outsourced administration team looks after their own financial responsibilities. They pay their own wages, rent their own premises, provide their own equipment and bring expertise to the table. Outsourcing your admin as a small business is the Financially Efficient option.

4. Reduce Business Risk by Sharing the Load.

Especially as of late, ASIC regulations have been changing regularly and often. Every change can present risk to your business. Implementing the required changes without upsetting your organisation and systems can present a challenge to even the most dynamic of us. Sharing this risk load with an outsourced admin department can help to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly through all the chops and changes. 

3. No HR Burdens!

Finding good admin staff to work for you can be challenging. Even if you manage to find a staff member to fit into your busy practice, task specific training can become an issue. Sourcing, managing and training extra staff adds a Human Resources burden to your workload. By outsourcing your admin, you can avoid the HR burden all together. Outsourced admin teams come ready-trained, experienced and ready to work.

2. The Quality of your Customer Service will Improve

Administration, when you get right down to it, is just the organisation of information. For the average Financial Planning firm, the sheer quantity of information to be organised is astounding. They say it takes 10,000 hours of time investment to become a master at something. It follows that the skill of administration would fall under this idiom. So it makes sense to say that Administrative Outsourcing firms are actually masters of Administration. Handled by experts in the field, the quality of your office admin directly impacts the quality of service that your clients receive. Not only are you better positioned to provide a more specialised client experience, but all of your back-end systems are also geared towards providing efficient, streamlined information directly to your fingertips. 

1. You Can Spend More Time Growing your Client Books.

As a small, boutique financial planning practice, your business relies heavily upon your people skills. Increasingly, ASIC compliance responsibilities are becoming ever-more complex and time consuming. This balancing act that small planning firms must engage in is stressful and can even be counterproductive to business growth. Outsourcing your admin work frees up your time so you can concentrate on growing your business and attracting new clients. 

A solution for your business, that you can customise:

 A dedicated contact person who understands your specific needs.

Dealer group liaison and documentation assistance;

Opt in and FDS management and processing;

Compliance key document checking;

Tasking templates for all activities;

Procedure manuals;

Fee for Service guidelines, calculators and templates;

HR materials and documentation;

Discussions about different business structures;

Client and staff surveys;

Library of letter templates, newsletter articles and marketing materials;

 Scheduling and preparation of client meetings including all associated paperwork;

 Receiving of phone calls and correspondence;

 Scanning and lodging of any client related investment documentation;

 Data input into AdviserNet Gain / Xplan;

 Training on AdviserNet Gain/Xplan.

 Advice on IT setup and structure;

 Tracking of review meeting outcomes and subsequent implementation tasks;

 Paraplanning; (additional cost)

 Experienced book keeping services; (additional cost)

 Social media articles and uploads; (additional cost)

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